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Welcome to Pillar To Post™. As part of your community, we are pleased to provide our local customers real estate professionals, home buyers, and home sellers with a home inspection service that brings to the buying or selling of a home unmatched quality, precision, integrity, and professionalism.

Calvin Schatschneider:

  • APHIS Professional Home Inspector
  • CAPHI Registered Home Inspector
  • Pillar To Post Certified Home Inspector
  • Licensed, Insured, Bonded
  • Registered Home Inspector
  • Pillar To Post Franchise Owner
  • 25 years in Residential Construction Business Owner
  • Red Seal Carpenter 2001

What our customers like:

  • Friendly fast service easy to communicate with and knowledgeable about homes
  • Thorough report onsite, verbal walk-through of the report immediately when done
  • Virtual tour with each inspection package is great if you're not able to be at the inspection or buying from out-of-town or province
  • Report printed on-site immediately after verbal walkthrough presented with a binder full of useful information

We call what we do The Moment of Truth. It is the moment when the emotion of buying and selling a home meets the reality of the issues of that home. Our work is to communicate effectively, knowledgeably, efficiently, and openly about the condition of a home. We understand that our customers trust us to inform and educate them about what we see and what we find, and this is a trust we hold in the highest regard.

Additional Services offered by Calvin Schatschneider:

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Mould Testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Sewer Scope

Real estate professionals
For real estate professionals, our work is a commitment to the understanding that their reputation is our responsibility and that a relationship with us reinforces the confidence their clients have in them.

Home buyers
For the home buyer, our work is an objective explanation of the condition of the potential new home to which an emotional tie is already being formed.

Home sellers
For the home seller our work is to honor the home they have lived in, and to report on its condition observed at the time of the inspection.

For all of our customers, Pillar To Post™ considers the home a place of the heart, as it houses the people that are loved and the memories of lifetimes. This is why we call Pillar To Post™ The Home of Home Inspection™.

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